Warrior Sportsmen

Warrior Sportsmen

There is little that is more sacred to us than giving back to our brothers in arms who have given the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country’s freedom. Warrior Sportsmen, Inc. was founded with the intent to provide world-class, meaningful sportfishing and hunting experiences for US Army Special Forces Warriors (Green Berets) and their family members. The purpose of these adventures is to advance physical and emotional healing, provide comraderie and mentorship, help transition heroes from the battlefield or long-term overseas deployments back to life at home, and develop fishing and hunting skills for lifelong enjoyment and for possible career endeavors. These are the four focal points of our organization.

Our non-profit raises funds from generous individuals and corporate groups who recognize the infinite gift our US service members give to the people of this country. To us, none are more brave than US Army Special Forces warriors.

The Green Berets who participate have been medically separated from service while others are still on active duty. One Hero has been awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for showing exceptional valor and intrepid actions above and beyond the call of duty. Another Hero was critically wounded with a gunshot wound through his torso.  A third service member lost an eye when a machine gun misfired while another continues to recover from a gunshot to his head. He had to relearn how to walk, talk, and completely function. In 2019, he was on the Nushagak River landing salmon. It’s nothing short of a miracle and clearly defines what it means to be a Special Forces Green Beret.

What makes a Warrior?

A warrior is someone who has the strength to never give up; to imagine no other end than the determined outcome; someone who has the sheer gut determination and wherewithal to see the mission through, no matter what. We are of warrior stock, and there is no one greater in our minds than those alike. That is why we started Warrior Sportsmen—to show unending gratitude to our brothers in arms, the warriors we attract, the ones who have given total sacrifice to give liberty to all.

Warrior Sportsmen, Inc. (WSI) is focused on providing three outdoor opportunities in partnership with our strategic allies.

Alaska Salmon Fishing
SF Warrior Week on the famed Nushagak River in Alaska’s Bristol Bay at the world class Nushagak River Adventures Lodge fishing for several species of Pacific salmon.

South Dakota Pheasant Hunt
A pheasant hunting adventure with Dakota Wild Wings on their 4700 acres of prime South Dakota prairie land. Their habitat is managed diligently to promote natural pheasant hatch, ideal habitat conditions, and superb wild bird retention.

North Carolina Coastal Fishing
Coastal fishing trips out of North Carolina’s Wrightsville Beach for speckled trout, red drum, flounder and other Atlantic species such as Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel, Cobia, Grouper, and Mahi sponsored by Wilmington.Fish.