Warrior Sportsmen Adventures

Alaska Salmon Fishing

One of the most memorable experiences we can offer our lauded Warriors is a world class salmon fishing excursion with Nushagak River Adventures Lodge on the famous Nushagak River in Bristol Bay, Alaska. Four heroes are invited to fish for salmon in remote Alaska in late July each summer. The Nushagak River is home to the world’s largest wild run of king salmon and a huge run of silvers. The trip is top notch all the way from the fishing to the accommodations and dining. Warriors are attended by retired Army Special Forces.

Past SF participants of this experience rave about the time they spent fishing The Nush and have expressed their extreme gratitude for the adventure they shared with other like-minded brothers of similar paths. Not only is the time on the river a chance to relax in nature, it’s a thrill fishing for salmon, and it’s enriching to spend time with other Green Berets during Special Forces Week each summer at Nushagak River Adventures Lodge.

Warrior adventures

South Dakota Pheasant Hunting

Dakota Wild Wings is located in South Dakota, famously known as home to Mount Rushmore and the Mecca of Pheasant hunts. If you have pheasant hunting on your bucket list, Dakota Wild Wings is your solution.  In 2016, our director was invited by fellow SF retiree, Mike Chaney to join him on a hunt with the “Old Warriors Hunt Club”, a group founded by former members of TF160 and now consisting of a blend of former ARSOF members.  What a BLAST!

The pheasants abound and a shooter’s limit is three birds a day. This outfitter has professional guides, each with his own personally-trained bird dogs. It is an incredible experience for a Warrior Sportsman! 

In 2020, Warrior Sportsmen, Inc (WSI) invited a former 7th SFG and JSOC member on a great hunt in the first week of November. We joined sixteen hunters, mostly from South Carolina, for an exceptional outing. As a group, we limited out by noon each day on our three-day hunt. The lodge practiced safety in the midst of CV-19. Dakota Wild Wings was clean and no health incidents occurred while at the lodge.

Doug Heidinger (dakotawildwings@santel.net) is our host each year. He and his team of guides are exceptional, as are their dogs. We like to be with experienced and safe hunters, which is easily achieved as every Warrior Sportsman we’ve met meets this standard. Dakota Wild Wings boasts a safe hunting environment because they endorse safe practices and enjoy their guests who safely do the same. We are very lucky to be partners with Dakota Wild Wings and look forward to future outings where we sponsor a Hero to join us.

Dakota Wild Wings is located at 35960 217th St, Miller, SD 57362 and on the web at dakotawildwings.com.

North Carolina Deep Sea Fishing

Captain Mike Hoffman hails from Wilmington, North Carolina; Middle Sound to be exact.  Middle Sound is that area between or adjacent to Wrightsville Beach, Figure Eight Island, Wilmington, and Top Sail Beach for over 20 years. A prominent charter captain in the area, he is often the go-to guy when seeking information or a great day on the water.

A friend of mine, a Navy SEAL but US Army retiree, won as the highest bidding donation at a fund raiser in Wilmington NC. The prize?  A half day fishing charter with each of the ten charter captain participants. And so it was, I met Capt. Mike when my friend invited me to join him for his half-day on the water.

Since that first trip, I have fished with Capt. Mike more than 20 times both inland and offshore. Inland, we hit the strippers in the river and Drum, Trout, Bass, and flounder inland and Mahi, Cobia, Mackerel, and even tuna on one occasion off shore. Capt. Mike seems to find the fish each outing.

Capt. Mike’s son, Michael is a great fisherman in his own right. He earned his Capt’s charter license in 2018 and fishes on his own merit. Both are on Facebook and the internet, the elder at Wilmington.fish and the junior at NCfishingcharters.com