Nominate a Special Forces Hero

Who is Eligible?

Warrior Sportsmen participation eligibility focuses primarily on veteran and active duty US Army Special Forces (Green Berets) who have served, and continue to serve, honorably. Immediate family members of US Army Special Forces Green Berets may also be considered for participation in Warrior Sportsmen sponsored events and experiences.

Nominated Warriors must meet the following criteria.

1.  Special Forces qualified.

2.  Member of the Special Forces Regiment in good standing.

3.  Any of the following:
     a. Active duty or Army National Guard.
     b. Honorably retired Special Forces from either component.
     c. Honorably discharged from either component.

4. Family member of any from #3 above.
     a. Minimum age: 18 years old.
     b. Minimum age when accompanied by #3 or #4: 12 years old.

5. Minimum physical ability:
     a. Must be able to negotiate varying terrain with minimal to moderate assistance from another person in the Alaska fish camp and/or in South Dakota’s pheasant hunting fields.
     b. Must be able to hold a fishing rod and reel a 10 to 35 lb. salmon in a slowly moving boat.
     c. Must be able to negotiate up to five stairs to enter the lodge, up to three stair treads to enter a cabin, and must be able to get into and out of a beached boat.